The Finest Improvement in Artist Panels Since the 17th Century


Warping:  The specially developed surface retards moisture transfer and thus limits warping and twisting.  Natural variations in the wood used make it impractical to present test data which would accurately predict the behavior of any given piece.  As a gereral rule, wood in service indoors varies in moisture content from 5 to 10 percent.  Under these conditions, Innerglow Painting Panels can be expected to change 0.2 percent maximum in dimension.

Weathering:  Innerglow panels were exposed outdoors in the Northeastern climate at a 45 degree angle facing South.  Result: after nine months exposure the surface appearance was excellent, and after thirty months, no peeling, blistering or loss of adhesion occurred.

Glueline Durability:  In the Gordon Kline Test for glueline failure, samples of Innerglow panels were subjected to two hours of boiling, followed by baking at 150 degrees for 22 hours.  The cycle is repeated ten time.  Result: although there was checking of wood cores, no failure occurred in either glueline or surfacing and there was no delamination of the Innerglow panel (not intended for use under these extreme conditions).

Chemical Resistance:  Chemical solutions were placed in contact with an Innerglow panel sample, covered with a watch glass for 24 hours in temperatures of 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.  At the end of the test period, samples were washed, dried, and examined for changes.  Result: of the 12 chemicals tested, only 10 percent solutions of sulfuric acid and ammonia hydroxide discolored Innerglow panel surfaces to any extreme.  Roughened, swelled, or softened surfaces were only slight to moderate.

Apparent Modules of Elasticity (in PSI):  Long dimension of panel parallel to span - 1,250,000.  Long dimension of panel perpendicular to span - 400,000.

Apparent Modules of Rupture (in PSI):  Long dimension of panel parallel to span - 8,814.  Long dimension of panel perpendicular to span - 3,920.

Abrasion:  Taber abrasive wheel under 1,000 grams load applied to sample for 1,000 cycles depth wear in inches.  Result:  average value 0.0015".

Impact:  Gainer Impact Test:  A ball of known weight is dropped from increasing heights until surface is ruptured.  Results indicate force required to rupture unsupported sample of Innerglow panel.  Result:  average value, 16 inch - pounds.

Properties of Innerglow Painting Panels